Even though www.pimpmytagswithscraps.com is closed, we still all support tagging and the industry! We are leaving this blog up as a great place to find tutorials and links etc. If there are freebie links that go down, we are very sorry. If there is no way to find the kit in the tutorial in question, simply replace the kit pieces with ones you already have on hand and make something creative and unique! THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING PMTw/S FOR FIVE LONG YEARS!!!
Jan 31, 2010

IM Letter Freebie; Fetish Cat

Download IM Letter Fetish Cat HERE

Fetish Cat

Tut here

Jan 27, 2010

IM Letter Freebie; In Love

Download IM Letter In Love HERE

In Love

Tut here


Tut Here

Jan 26, 2010

Showin Love

"Showin Love"
Can be found here

Using TammyKat Dezigns "Cloud Nine"

IM Letter Freebie; Heartbreaker

Download IM Letter Heartbreaker HERE


Tut here

Jan 25, 2010

I Love You

Scrapkit used - Be Still My Heart - by Tammy
Tut can be found HERE

IM Letter Freebie; Denim Girl

Download IM Letter Denim Girl HERE

Denim Girl

Tut here

Jan 24, 2010

IM Letter Freebie; Cloud 9

Download IM Letter Cloud 9 HERE

Cloud 9

Tut Here 

Jan 23, 2010

IM Letter Freebie; Loveable

Download IM Letter Loveable HERE


Tut here


"Hope" by Pimp'd Tagz
Using Asian Persuasion by Designs by Sarah

Jan 22, 2010

Corazana Heart

I have written a new tutorial named Corazana Heart
using TammyKat's Be Still Heart.

You can find the tutorial on My blog.


IM Letter Freebie; Crazy

Download IM Letter Crazy HERE


Tut here

Jan 21, 2010

I'll be loving You!

Scrapkit used - Valentine Doodlebug - by Sarah
Tut can be found HERE

IM Letter Freebie; Girly Girl

Download IM Letter Girly Girl HERE

Girly Girl

Tut here

Jan 20, 2010

IM Letter Freebie; I Love You

Download I Love You IM Letter HERE

I Love You

Tut here 

Jan 19, 2010

IM Letter Freebie; Twinkle Star

Download Twinkle Star IM Letter HERE

Twinkle Star

Tut here

Jan 18, 2010

IM Letter Freebie; Color Me White

Download Color Me White IM Letter HERE

Color Me White

Tut Here 

IM Letter Freebie; Valentine Lovebug

Download Valentine Lovebug IM Letter HERE

Jan 17, 2010

Valentine Lovebug

Tut here

Jan 16, 2010

Bad Girls

Scrapkit used - Bad Girls by Cora -
Tut can be found HERE

Perfectly Purple

"Perfectly Purple"
You can view this tutorial here

IM Letter Freebie; J et'adore

Download J et'adore IM Letter HERE

IM Letter Freebie; Color Me Black

Download Color Me Black IM Letter HERE

Im Letter Freebie; Midnight

Download Midnight IM Letter HERE

IM Letter Freebie; Team Edward

Download Team Edward IM Letter HERE

IM Letter Freebie; Team Jacob

Download Team Jacob IM Letter HERE

Baby Girl

"Baby Girl"

This tutorial can be found here :

I Heart U

"I Heart U"

Can be viewed here:

Jan 15, 2010

Color Me Black

Tut here

Team Jacob

"Team Jacob"
Can be found here

Jan 14, 2010

Je t ´adore

Tut here

Jan 13, 2010

Which Team Are You On?

"Which Team Are You On?"
Can be viewed here

Good Girl

Tut here 

Jan 12, 2010

Team Edward

Tut here 

Jan 11, 2010

Team Jacob

Tut here 

Jan 9, 2010


*Please click to view 100% and to clearly see the copyright info*

You can view this tutorial here  

Jan 8, 2010

Sweet Love

Scrapkit used - Stupid Cupid - by Tammykat
The tut can be found HERE

Jan 2, 2010

Silk Spectre

Scrapkit used - Boom! Pow! by Sarah.
Tut can be found HERE

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